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Real Estate Tips for Savvy Buyer or Seller

How to Get Buyers to Make An Offer on Your Home Quickly and for the Right Price:

TIP # 1: 

List Your Home correctly to attract more buyers.  

  • This sales strategy will obtain more interested buyers and will get more offers. With that may come a “Bidding War” which can lead to getting multiple offers and more often than not, the seller will see an offer for more than asking price and selling quickly. 
  • NOTE: Overpricing your home can have bad side effects on selling your home and it could take longer to sell and maybe even earn your less money.  
  • If you start out asking a higher than market value price for your home and other similar houses are for sale in your area at a lower price; buyers will migrate to the less expensive homes first making yours stay listed longer. 
  • You may think that the lovely marble fireplace or added custom borders on the walls, or stained-glass window makes the home worth more, however a buyer may not agree with you.  If they can live without those added features and they can buy the comparable home down the road for $10,000 less, guess which house they will probably make an offer on?
  • When a buyer notices a move-in ready home for sale, in a desirable area, is still available after eight weeks in today’s market, they begin thinking that something is wrong with it and that is why the lower offers start to trickle in. 
  • Buyers may think after a certain amount of time, sellers get desperate and will accept a lower than market value price just to sell it. Having a home for sale for too long will give the buyer an edge to offer less and less the longer it is listed. 

Seller’s Tip # 2: “Curb Appeal” and “First impressions”- Do They Really Matter?

  • Yes, it is very true…Looks do matter! If your home looks inviting, more people will come in to see it and it WILL sell quicker and for more money than if you do not; so “Dress It Up” to show it off and sell it. 
  • It is a proven and well-known fact that if your home is “Move-In Ready” and priced right it will be at the top of all Realtor’s list to show and buyer’s list to see. So; spending a little bit of money and taking a little of time to freshen-up, brighten-up, warm-up, fix-up and “Dress-Up” your home; it will not be long before the offers start coming in and buyers start out-bidding each other to make it their new home. 

  • Things you can do that is affordable and will make a big difference:
  • 1.) Yard: Clean up the front yard, lay some green grass, lay fresh mulch over exposed dirt or place some potted plants at entrance way, trim trees and bushes and pressure wash stained walk ways.
  • 2.) Entrance: Make sure all outdoor lighting is working, place solar yard slights along walking path to brighten your home during sunset hours to help it stand out even at night. Make sure all irrigation systems are working, not leaking and will not spray onto walkways should they come on during showings. If there is an outdoor fountain or pond, make sure it is clean and functioning properly.
  • 3.) Exterior: Clean windows, have freshly painted welcoming color on the front door, pressure wash cob webs or dirt from walls and windows and you may even want to place a decorative flag or wind chime or outdoor yard art to warm up the area and give it an inviting feeling. You can always take it with you when you move it want. 
  • 4.) Interior: Remove clutter, clean kitchens and bathroom, laundry areas, garage, take down personal photos form view. Make sure carpet stains are cleaned, keep personal items put away in bathrooms and bedrooms, clean stained tubs, hang fresh shower curtains and hand clean towels in bathrooms. Clean any cobwebs from corners, wash base boards, wipe down dusty light fixtures, make beds, open window fixtures to let light in and make sure all smells are limited to non-floral, not too strong aroma as it may bother some sensitive to certain scents.  Have fresh flowers around – it brings a feeling of joy into a room.
  • These and a few other simple tricks which your Realtor or Home Stager can advise you on, will make your home sell so much quicker than a run down, boring or over bearing home. 
  • Special Offer: When you work with Team-Florida Homes and More at Home Wise Realty Group, and you mention you read this article, we will provide you Complimentary Home Staging service for showings and open houses. 

Real Estate Tip # 3 for Savvy Home Buyer / Seller

Your Found Dream Home: You have decided to make an offer ; Now What?

#1.) Always take advantage of a real estate agent! It does not cost the buyer

anything to hire an agent and it could save you money and time.

Your agent that can you help you research the comparable properties in the area to

inform you of what other similar properties have sold for in the recent past (usually

in past 90 days) so you can determine what the estimated value might be of your

selected home in that area.

Some buyers may elect to pay over list price when we are in a seller's market,

especially if many buyers are interested in the same property in order to get an edge

on your offer being accepted. Your agent can give you a reasonable price range and

guide you through the experience, so you can have realistic expectations. A good

buyer's agent knows there is always more to an offer than just price, but the price is

usually the top factor for a seller.

# 2.) Always Get a Proper Home Inspection

In Florida, a home inspection is usually conducted after buyers make a purchase

offer and have it accepted, however it may also be listed as contract contingency.

A contract contingency means a buyer has the right to cancel the contract due to the

reasons agreed upon by both parties. You will; not want to be locked into buying a

home that in is need of costly repairs that are not apparent at time of initial viewing.

Sellers are generally not required to make repairs if problems are discovered during

a home inspection. A home inspection is for the buyer's edification. However,

sometimes when a buyer gives a Request for Repair to the seller, the seller will often agree to make a repair or adjust the asking price or may even offer money to

be held in escrow to allow the buyer to make the repair after the closing if needed.

#3.) Write a Letter to Introduce Yourself to the Sellers

Buyers must remember that some sellers are very attached to their homes and only

want someone to love it as much as they do. Leaving a place behind that stores

years of memories can be emotional to them. Let them know that you have

common ground and will take care of their home and create as many cherished

memories as they have. So, if you are trying to stand out from other offers / buyers;

have your agent assist you in composing a letter that could potentially put you in


#4.) Always be aware that a counter offer is customary and could happen.

You will want to be aware that the seller may decide to make you a counteroffer

and prepare a purchase agreement with new terms, such as a higher sales price

or fewer contingencies. If that occurs, you have the option to accept the new

terms or make your own counteroffer to the sellers or decline and move on with

searching for another good fit for you. Your agent can help you make that

decision based on your desires and needs.